Tag: Hypercorp


  • Ares Arms

    Ares Arms specializes in making League Era weapons, armor, and vehicles. However they also make some of their own designs and they have a habit of modifying classic designs. h6. Custom Designs * [[Corsair Aerospace Fighter]] * [[TF-13 Kvasir Space …

  • AIPS

    AIPS has forgotten exactly what the letters once stood for, but their field is power systems. They make reactors (fission, fusion, anti-matter), combustion engines/turbines, solar cells, power cells, batteries, capacitors, and other related technologies.

  • Interplanetary Industries

    Interplanetary Industries is a large Hypercorp that is involved in exploration, surveying, it builds system and planetary probes, produces sensor systems, Is involved in mining (including owning vast resources on the planet Hole), xenoarchaeology, …

  • Titan Drive Yards

    Titan Drive Yards produces a wide array of League Era and customized League Era designs as well as repairing almost all forms of vessels in production. They have separate yards for corvettes, frigates, and cruisers. They also have some extremely large …

  • PanGal

    PanGal, or Pan-Galactic Corporation, is involved in a wide range of industries. PanGal has a spot on [[The Syndicate]] council, but they also maintain their own fleets and outside resources beyond the Syndicate border. h6. Custom Designs * [[A6 Light …

  • Capellan Free Merchants

    The Capellan Free Merchants is a collective of traders who banded together to form a massive corporation. They technically control the governments of the [[Capella]] system, but leave the government in place to handle day to day governmental affairs. The …

  • Starplay Enterprises

    Starplay Enterprises, or StarEnt, is a well known entertainment company. They deal in all forms of entertainment, from classic video and audio to exotic full sensory recordings and VR.

  • SynthCorp

    SynthCorp specializes in advanced robotics, cybernetics, software, and Artificial Intelligence. This includes construction of all known League Era drones on the market. [[The Syndicate]] is there only real market rival.

  • Systreel

    Systreel is a company run by the [[Corbun]], [[Levia]], and [[Umas]] originally from the [[Pegasus]] system. They are considered the experts in medicine, biotech, genetic engineering, and agricultural crops.

  • Corsair Aerospace Fighter

    !(media-item-align-center)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/266697/Corsair.jpg?1385428829(Corsair.jpg)! The Corsair Aerospace Fighter is used both by [[Ares Arms | Ares Arms]] and sold to third parties. It uses a pair of high powered fusion torch …

  • Centurion Dropship

    !(media-item-align-center)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/266703/Centurion.jpg?1385429328(Centurion.jpg)! The Centurion Dropship was designed by [[Ares Arms | Ares Arms]] to act as a single squad transport. It is a lifting body frame, with a ' …