Angelic Republic

Government Information
  • Type
    • True Republic
  • Technology Level
    • 10
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The Azys on their homeworld in the Centi system were actually not bombarded by weapons fire from orbiting ships, but an enemy commander redirected the path of a comet and sent it crashing into one side of the planet. It was decades before those few Azys who managed to survive could settle the planets atmosphere and start rebuilding. However they had lost an entire generation of their people and basically all their advanced technology. The planet itself was crippled as well and would take more than a century before their environment was arguably back in some semblance of order.

Eventually however the Azys rebuilt their world and themselves, regained their technology, and looked once more to the planets in their system. Even so their numbers remain fairly low with only about 50 million people on their entire world.


Government for the Azys has become both simple and complex as they make use of a true republic. Each Azys gets one vote in their political system and no parties exist. Though temporary alliances of individuals do and these sometimes have creative names. Anyone can suggest legislation for approval, but a majority vote must enact it into a formal rule. This system could come to ruin easily enough if it wasn’t taken seriously, but the majority of Azys do take it seriously.


The Angelic Republic does not have a formal military, instead it makes use of a militia formed from all interested Azys. In times of crisis this can easily make for half or more of their current population.

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Angelic Republic

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