Azarian Realm

Government Information

The Azarian Realm has a long history as a bastion for pirates on the edge of the League when it existed. While the pirates usually looted for goods, they also hit passenger liners and took slaves from almost all known races during the Era and even a few from beyond. They were even known to occasionally raid more primitive worlds. When the civil war occurred the pirate fleet itself was smashed, but the former slaves and many pirates remained.

They were left alone from that time to their discovery, ironically, by pirates 5 decades ago. The Azarians turned the tables on these new pirates and took them hostage, as well as claiming their ships. While their own technology was not quite as advanced as these new pirates, they have been adapting the new influx of technology ever since.


To most the government, and the culture that goes with it, is the most unique element of the Azarians. They are ruled exclusively by women creating a true matriarchy, with men as second class citizens. Typically the women run things and the men provide labor. The cause of this structure seems to be the way the women connived their way out of imprisonment and took control of the bases after the destruction of the pirate fleet during the civil war. Several men then tried to take over when allowed to roam free and having gotten tired of it the women came to maintain strict discipline in the men.

Their government is organized into houses based on the original slave families and the elder matrons of the houses elect a queen from these houses to hold power. Typically this is the younger daughter of one of the matrons. The queen either learns to hold power herself over her reign, acts as a figurehead, or is eliminated by rivals. Politics is a deadly sport to the houses and their matrons with assassins and plots being widely used in their history.


The flagship of the Azarian fleet is the pirate vessel that visited their world fifty years ago. However they have managed to start some trade and have access to common designs. They have also retrofitted many of their pirate inspired aerial ‘skifs’ to be trans-atmospheric, though their range is limited and they have no FTL capability. Regardless the Matrons refuse to remain almost defenseless against other powers in the galaxy and so are building a unique defensive fleet, orbital and ground construction facilities, and colonize the other planets in their system.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups

While certain designs exist and are used no one group created them and they are all slightly different.

Azarian Realm

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