Balmesh Dominion

Government Information

The Dominion started in a system called Balmesh and was formed from a human world that had been a long contested part of the League during the civil war era. During their reformation they took a imperial approach, but without the burdens of the past darksider lead nature of the former galactic government. That said they have their own psionic tradition known as the Dominion Knights which act as a type of imperial guard under the direct authority of the emperor and the emperors themselves are often gifted with psionic abilities and may train in their youth with the Dominion Knights.

They dominated their homeworld through several generations of benevolent reign and then expanded to cover their entire system. From their they would then explore many other nearby systems, establishing colonies in systems that were uninhabited and contacting the races on worlds which were inhabited. One of these early races was a Levia colony which they originally went to war with, when they won their prize was the colony and all it’s inhabitants. The Haazra and Umas would soon find themselves in similiar situations,though the Umas would join of their own free will.

The dominion had always maintained a strong military doctrine and got lucky early on with a set of ruins on an abandoned world which held many lost secrets of the League period. While these advances could not immediately be taken advantage of it is definitely paying off in the modern era. Their base technology is far higher on average then most other nations and has it’s strongest visible sign in their strategic space fleets.

Their influence is certainly felt even on worlds they do not control and it is not unheard of for Dominion ships to go on missions through the Free System Zone. Few desire to stand in their way and so regardless of their actual authority in these areas they can often do as they please.


The dominion is ruled by a emperor who has absolute authority. Beneath him is a council of governors given authority over a limited subset of the empire itself. Typically a governor would control a inhabited planet or an uninhabited system (such as one used as a mining colony). Some Governors may be from the imperial lineage, while others are not.

The current Emperor is married to a Naz battlemaiden as part of the Naz colony splintering off to join the Dominion. This has happened before with the Kriss colony which joined the Dominion. While these unions have not always provided offspring, marriages of state are not unheard of. The emperor however is legally required to have a number of concubines to produce offspring for the imperial lineage regardless of who they are married to.


The Balmesh Dominion has a highly structured, formal, and centralized military force. The solar system around Balmesh has a vast shipyard facility that constructs the majority of all their fleet vessels, while several secondary shipyards exist elsewhere with the Dominion.

All vessels of the dominion are standardized types and most that they use are their own designs rather then more commonly available vehicles. Most of this is from the advanced nature of their technology, which is higher than the galactic average, making more commonly available vessels inferior.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Aerospace Groups

Balmesh Dominion

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