Character Creation

Character Creation is basically straight forward, most of the following is some convenient aids in creating characters that function and feel right in this setting.

Character Concepts

Character Concepts are available to act as a guideline for building characters. They suggest starting skills and abilities suitable for different concepts.


Many races exist and while many characters will be human or human-like, other options do exist.


About 1 in 4 people have some level of psionic power, however most people have psionic power like empathy, danger sense, or luck. Anyone beyond that potential is usually consider to be a ‘Esper’ and likely to be taken under the wings of a Esper tradition and possibly become an Esper Knight. Esper Knights inspire respect or fear in most people.

Martial Arts

Combat was a way of life for decades during the civil war. This has created a considerable collection of warrior traditions and combat skills to go with them. These skills even now are passed down among the many populations of the galaxy.

Character Creation

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