Government Information
  • Type
    • Democratic Planetary Government
  • Technology Level
    • Late 10/Early 11
  • Systems
  • Race(s)

As the Corbun withdrew back to their homeworld they made room for a small population of Umas who had been trapped in the system. When a Dark side fleet entered the system they thought all was lost, and that was when a fleet of League ships crewed primarily by the Levia arrived. The battle was savage and destroyed all existing orbital facilities. For several years the Corbun and Umas thought both fleets had been scuttled in orbit, but one day a group of barely held together ships came down through the atmosphere including a pair of cruisers and a battleship that were not designed to land on planets. The Corbun and Umas were nervous about which side the fleet belonged to and were fairly happy in the end to see it was the surviving Levia who had attempted to fix their ships (not one of which had a working FTL drive) among the moons for the last few years, but their efforts failed and they decided their only remaining act was to land their ships on the Caprica before their supplies failed. For over a decade they expected more forces to come, but none ever did.

Under the influence of the Corbun the three races got along and having suffered very little real damage on the ground they settled into a new life. However Caprica was not a planet that had ever built advanced vehicles or had massive factories, so space was off the table for over a century. Spearheaded by the Levia they eventually built the resources to reach orbit once more and they started building a network of stations and satellites. Eventually space around Caprica and all it’s moons was filled with space stations and facilities. Within two centuries they had recolonized the entire system. Within 4 centuries they had redeveloped a working FTL drive and launched their first scout ship. All the old stellar data was damaged or lost and so they took centuries exploring and searching for other civilizations.


The CULA, Corbun Umas Levia Alliance, is a democratic union of the three races that make their home in Pegasus. Outside the larger multi-system governments none are so efficient.


The Levia dominate the CULA military forces, with Umas being a quarter of their forces and Corbun occasionally signing on as medics. They prefer to honor the classic designs of the League Era, though they do use some of their own. Most of their ships are frigates and Corvettes, with one battleship and a pair of cruisers honoring the last Levia fleet. Unlike most forces they make use of few fighters and no carriers.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups


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