Dragon Court

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Government Information
  • Type
    • Caste Fedual Imperium
  • Technology Level
    • Native Late 9/Adapted 10
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Near the end of the war the former Risan government isolated their world from the rest of the galaxy on purpose. They returned to ancient practices, culture, and ideals of government to maintain their racial identity during this harsh period of reconstruction. They abandoned the League Era democracy for the older caste based feudalism. The castes consist of workers, artists, merchants, and warriors. While initially the four castes vied for control, eventually the warrior caste took charge of the others and created the structure they have today.

The Risan for several generations have had space technology, but have remained isolated as their ancestors had wanted. It is only the last couple of generations that have once again gone into the wider galaxy. Most Risan seen in the rest of the galaxy are merchants or artists, with their own aristocratic class content to exploit the far reaches of their home system rather then see the larger galaxy.


The Dragon Court is a caste structured society that still exists in a rigid feudalism. The warrior caste dominates the other castes. Below them are the merchant and artistic castes who are exempt from conscription. Below them is the Worker caste which easily outnumbers the other castes combined, but can be conscripted to serve the military as needed.

The highest level of government is the emperor (or empress) who possess the mandate of heaven and overall control of the empire and is always of the warrior caste lineage. Beneath the emperor is a legion of officials who pass the imperial testing regime and are also from the warrior caste. The highest officials are the provincial governors. Below them are all the other officials required to keep things running. Below the officials are the warrior scholars yet to pass the imperial tests, they have no authority but are highly respected in their society.


With the military in charge of Dragon Court society they have a strong military force which includes a host of early spacecraft designs as well as modern vessels. However the bulk of their modern forces are venture frigates and fighters and they currently have constructed no carriers for deploying these assets. They have limited ability to reach out of their system through the Amagon Cruiser and the 4 Mishigan Frigates with their experimental FTL drives. With limited resources to upgrade with, they have been purchasing advanced missiles from outside parties and adapting them to their own use making their missile carriers incredibly deadly even to larger governments.

Of note should probably be their odd system of military ranks. Officials are equal to the officer ranks of most other militaries and require warriors to pass imperial tests to gain that status. The emperor (or empress) has the highest officer rank possible from those who have passed the tests. Those who have not passed the imperial tests are considered NCO’s of the warrior caste. Only workers conscripted to serve rank below them.

Military Forces
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Dragon Court

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