Eradani Lancers


The Eradani Lancers were a mercenary unit during the civil war era originally from the world of Eradani. They were stranded on another world before the close of the war and for most such units they would have fallen inline with the government that would form on this world. Not so for the lancers.

Instead the Lancers managed to keep themselves intact and separate from any government. Not many merc units can boast a millenia of continued existence. When space travel opened up again they took back to the stars working for those with the funds to keep them in operation.

The Lancers have a strong family ethic and adopt people from outside into their ranks and families who show potential and desire to join them. Family & Honor are the keys to Lancer life. One always keeps their word, one always honors their agreements to the best of their ability, and one always takes care of their family. Outsiders are often disturbed by the fact that they teach their kids to fight from an early age, can act in support units from the time they turn ~9 years old (for most human-like races), and enter service by 13.


The Lancers have a strict military hierarchy much like any formal government. It even has officer ranks and enlisted ranks. Officers must pass written, oral, and performance tests before they can become officers. They then go through a more or less formal officers school and are even rated and given assignments to experienced officers based on their merits. Even adopted outsiders must pass these tests to join them as officers, though it is rare that such adoptees would have trouble with this.

Merit and ability are the main criteria for advancement and rank in their organization. More than this they have a strong family concept with large adopted families. It is not unusual for high ranking officers to adopt people with strong skills from the lower ranks, which to outsiders gives the illusion of military family dynasties being the rule in the Lancers.

At the top of the Lancers sits the High Admiral who has final control of the forces and under him the council of admirals. While these ranks use naval rank names, many ‘admirals’ in their service specialize in ground forces. Though the High Admiral must be capable in both ground and space forces.

Combat Forces

The bulk of the Lancers forces are ground units with fighter support, though they have transports and carriers supported by frigates and corvettes for moving their forces from world to world. What is perhaps the most interesting thing is that they have their own custom designs… For everything. While they do own some generic designs, their own designs are preferred among their forces.

Eradani Lancers

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