Family of One

Government Information
  • Type
    • Theocratic Socialist Monarchy
  • Technology Level
    • Native 9/Adapted 10
  • KS Rating
    • Type I
  • Systems
  • Race(s)

The Family of One is relatively new in that they are themselves only around 800 years old having risen on the planet Hentz after the planet was severely damaged in the Civil War Era. Before the Civil War they were a fairly normal colony world on the edge of the known galaxy.

The Family of One brought people together and gave them purpose, people were assigned jobs based on merit and need in the community. The exact needs and jobs have changed over time, but the majority of people still embrace the ordered socialist lifestyle they have had for centuries.


At one point whoever was the head of the church would be in charge of this government, however all that changed 200 years ago with a ‘prophet’. He decreed that only his family could lead the church through ‘trying times ahead’ and as explorers discovered Araks and visited Hentz the year after he died it seemed like a sign that he was right. Ever since then only his family can lead, all of which are given high roles in the church.


The core philosophy of the Family of One is that all sentient life is related. As such they feel that each sentient being owes it to all others to treat them as if they were family. They support them when they fumble, encourage them to succeed, and guide them through challenges.

Only within the last decade has true rebellion been whispered of. A radical group of separatists has formed with a goal of unseating the ruling family. What else they have planned is unknown.


The Family of One only has a fighter force to defend the planet, though some of these fighters are fairly long range craft capable of moving between planets. They have had little interest in investing in larger craft. Possibly because larger craft mean a good possibility for rebellion.

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Family of One

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