Tramp Freighters

These are trade vessels without a fixed schedule and with flexible cargoes.

Freight Liner

Commercial freight traffic vessels that deal in bulk goods, these vessels deal with transporting a large amount of goods between established trading ports.

Passenger Liners

These ships are much like cargo freighters in concept, however they make their money from transporting passengers rather then cargo.

Slowboats and Sunjammers

These are interplanetary spacecraft which use economical means of transportation to carry goods that aren’t time sensitive for very low costs. Their low fuel use is almost non-existant giving them great endurance.


Yachts are medium or small craft owned by wealthy people or companies for personnel or business travel.


These small spaceships are used to deliver important information or personnel rapidly between locations. Speed is key to these vessels and often they are massive sets of engines with small command compartments. While FTL communication exists and is fairly common on developed worlds, couriers specialize in less developed worlds and messages of the utmost secrecy.

Asteroid Miners

Asteroids and comets are valuable supplies of resources, these resources require special spacecraft to make use of them.

Gas Giant Miners

Mining Gas giants takes special equipment and these craft are designed just for that.

Tanker Spacecraft

Volatiles such as water, hydrogen, nitrogen, or helium 3 are vital resources and so need to be moved from place to place.

Colony Ships

This type of ship carries everything required to establish a new colony or reinforce an old one. They are fairly rare in Star Sphere, as most habitable worlds tend to be settled already.

Generation Ships

While no one has built any of these in hundreds of years at least, generation ships have been designed to travel between the stars at sublight speeds over multiple generations. Many rumors however speak of now ancient Generation ships, some even of these designs that are still travelling between the stars.


These were unmanned alternatives to seedships, it’s possible some have been used before and rumors certainly exist of ‘lost’ ships still wandering between the stars.

Prison Transports

Prisons always bring issues: no one wants one near their house, prisoners could escape, they could bribe guards, they could others while in prison, etc. These haven’t really changed even with travel to the stars. One solution has been Prison ships, these ships can either hold the prisoners themselves or deliver them somewhere remote.


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