Galactic Commonwealth

Government Information

The commonwealth was formed from the ashes of the old League of Systems when a selection of worlds once again returned to the stars and upon finding others decided to give the concept behind the old League another chance. Each system or worlds sovereignty is maintained within the foundation of the commonwealth while providing for mutual defense and trade.


Each inhabited world or system gets a representative they can appoint to a commonwealth senate. This senate then makes laws exclusive to the interaction between worlds and provides for a mutual defense of the member worlds and their trade routes. Each world itself has sovereign authority to it’s own people and can make any sort of laws that don’t conflict with the federal mandate. The senate is ‘run’ by a senator who is elected to take the role of minister of state. The minister has a certain level of control over the proceedings on the senate floor, but very little influence beyond that.

Commena functions as the capital and the senate meets there. The Commena forces are also the only alliance members to completely share their technologies with other members. Many Commena designs are exclusive to Commonwealth defense forces.


Each system keeps it’s own military forces, with common ranks and C3 (Command, Control, & Communications) to allow unified forces. It’s not often however that these forces need to work together outside of exercises since the most common threats to them are pirates and an occasional probing attack from some of their hostile neighbors.

Worlds do not have to share technology or designs with other members which means while alot of common designs exist certain worlds make exclusive craft, armor, and weapons only for their own system defense forces.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Aerospace Groups

Galactic Commonwealth

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