Government Information
  • Type
    • Alliance of Feudal Monarchies
  • Technology Level
    • Native limited 8/Adapted Limited 10
  • Systems
  • Race(s)

After the civil war it was the tasked of the elders to try to teach the younglings everything they knew before they passed on. They mostly succeeded in passing on their culture, but technology collapsed. Having never been the most adept at technology to begin with this has caused a long road to redevelopment. They have little interest in developing space themselves and actually lacked any sort of space program when they were rediscovered. Access to space has proved a boon for them as they can once again sell their services as bodyguards and warriors across the galaxy and send the profits back to their people in the form of goods and services.


Gamis is the term for the alliance of feudal socities that make up the Gran homeworld. Most of these feudal societies are clan oriented. Each clan can be organized however they want.


The Gamis has no collective military. Instead each clan of Grans has some sort of militia which could be thought of as a military force. Since every Gran from an early age learns how to use weapons, even their mish mashed militia can be fairly deadly.

However the big downside of the Gran is their reluctance to use vehicles of any sort. This includes spacecraft, aircraft, and even ground vehicles. A rare Gran may take a liking to piloting robotic vehicles, but most prefer to ride creatures or fight on foot. They have a raw disdain for the ability to pilot larger spacecraft or even learn skills like spacial navigation. They also don’t tend to racially like skills like engineering, though they have no problems using firearms or more primitive weapons.


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