Great Pack

Government Information
  • Type
    • True Republic
  • Technology Level
    • Native Late 9/Adapted Early 10
  • Systems
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The Doegi has been soldiers of the League and Empire forces during the Civil War Era, their world having initially stayed neutral. Instead by the middle of the war it made the Doegi targets for both sides who had a major fleet battle in orbit of Lupo over who exactly would force the Doegi to side with them. The Doegi homeguard made it into a three way engagement. All three fleets were destroyed after the Doegi threw even unarmed freighters into the mix and soon debris and destroyed ships started raining down on the helpless planet.

The world was smashed and the population in tatters. Survivors would take centuries to rebuild, drawing on their hunter past. They have a new distrust of outsiders as they still remember how both sides turned on them. A few Doegi however do leave their home world.


Doegi society and hence government is organized into packs, which in a sense are extended families. Though a few packs are made up of mixed unrelated Doegi. Hunting prowess among packs within a particular region determines which pack leader is in charge for a given area. This concept continues up until you reach the council which provides guidance at top. Pack leaders have complete authority over those in the pack. Higher Pack leaders have authority over lower ones in the same way.


There is no formal Great Pack military. However if a threat were to come all Doegi packs would be obligated to act. The council on contact with the outside once more declared that the defense of their world must come first. To accomplish that they authorized several missions to acquire technology from outside their world. These missions have one goal: To built a new home fleet for the Doegi to rival any other in the galaxy.

Military Forces
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Great Pack

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