Guards of Thoth

The Guards of Thoth are a shamanistic psionic tradition that borders on a religion. Only one of many such traditions, these particular ones have protected the ruins of the Great Library on Thoth despite being primitive in technology by galactic standards and never venturing inside. These tribal people are fiercely loyal to both themselves and their charge.


The Great League of Systems Library at Thoth was established millenia ago by the League (as the name implies) as a archive of knowledge in case of disaster. A group of Esper Knight librarians were stationed here at all times to keep the Library safe. However during the Civil War the Galactic Empire attacked the planet and used a orbital bombardment to inflict massive damage before they released a toxic agent to poison the atmosphere of the entire planet. The Esper Knights could do little to stop the destruction.

The ancestors to the Guards of Thoth survived through sheer endurance and the luck bestowed to them by their bloodline of psionic power on a devastated planet with a caustic atmosphere, full of electrical storms, and the danger of fierce jungle predators. They eked out a simple existence as hunters and gatherers, while remaining aware of the ancient task bestowed upon them by their ancestors – to protect the mysteries of the Great Library.

When Thoth was rediscovered the planet was opened to the general public and the world, even though still toxic, once again teemed with life. The Guards were now the hosts of a great number of archaeologists, historians, and all forms of academicians from all over the galaxy who wanted to study, scrutinize, analyze, and discover the secrets recorded within.


Their Esper Knight heritage of knowledge and wisdom was lost through generations of hardship and ignorance. Leaving the Guards to degenerate into superstition. Their use of psionic power diminished to nothing but simple tricks performed by unintelligible shamans, known to them as magic. Their superstition built upon the remaining artifacts left on the world from its speedy evacuation. The Guard shamans used various masks in battle to intimidate their enemies, and when protecting the ruins from trespassers, graverobbers, tomb raiders, or anybody that would walk on their sacred ground.

Some shamans were able to manipulate their psionic powers and were thought to possess mystical powers. They believed that they could only access the darker side of their power via elaborate blood rituals, and that if an individual’s rites were removed then then that person’s capacity to use their power would be blocked. The shamans were idolized for their powers, and members believed in the existence of spirits. The Guards are not the only shamanistic order in the galaxy many species, often on primitive nonindustrial worlds, have similiar traditions.

Common Traits

Armed with slug throwers, the tribes people perfected a technique of speeding up their perception of time, and using telekinesis to alter, or “bend” a bullet’s trajectory in midair. This made the Guards incredible marksmen, capable of firing at a target, then repositioning and “guiding” the bullet to hit the target as it moved. While not a particularly taxing ability, it did however require intense concentration. They were seen at times firing whole clips from Slugthrower machine guns while guiding the bullets through their power. A Guard that was not imminently being attacked, for instance, could direct and control a multitude of bullets in quick succession, or even multiple bullets at once. The closer they are to an enemy, the fewer bullets he would be able to control as they have less time to alter the flight. This is why the Guard favored slugthrower pistols and spears in close quarters. The Guard would be able to still direct the bullets of the pistol, though at a lessened rate, and a spear made a handy melee backup weapon in the case he or she could not stop him with Slugs.

Guards of Thoth

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