Haazran Pact

Government Information
  • Type
    • One-Party Meritocracy
  • Technology Level
    • 10
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The Haazra were active during the League Era and like many races they suffered during the Civil War. Under attack most of their people fled into the great forests of their world making them hard to find and attack. Unable to do things the normal way the Empire Commander decides to set the great forests on fire. He then left the world after setting these massive blazes. Unknown to anyone the Haazra manage to eventually put out the fires, though at a great loss.

The name ‘Haazran Pact’ comes from how the survivors banded together and declared that to rebuild their world they would their people must be as one, act as one, and those with greatest ability would have to do the greatest work. This would become the origin of their current government. In the centuries afterwards they would restore their Great forests and rebuild their technology, then take their place in the galaxy once more.


Their government is fairly simple. Only one political party exists and whoever runs that party runs the government. What makes it somewhat more complex is their merit system. Those who prove their merit are rewarded and one can actually claim power by simply proving you have the merit to have that power. For the last several generations the Haazran Merchant Fleet has been the means to build merit early in ones career. This has lead to the significant build out of the HMF.


The Haazran Pact has more of a Merchant Fleet than a military one, though they have the ability to convert their freighters into Q-ships easily when in need. The state appoints fleet commanders from their merchant ship captains for this kind of military emergency. Besides freighters the have a small number of special ‘survey’ frigates used for exploration and system survey tasks.

Military Forces
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Haazran Pact

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