Government Information
  • Type
    • Alliance of Plutocratic Republics
  • Technology Level
    • 10
  • Systems
  • Race(s)

The people of Hellious suffered greatly at the end of the civil war period and their people fragmented. As they developed they kept a certain amount of local identity as they organized into a greater whole. Each city and it’s surroundings is it’s own distinctive domain and come together only on the most critical of matters.


The best description for the Hellas government is as a collection of allied ‘city states’. Each of these small territories sends a representative to the alliance council from their own councils (‘senates’). Only the rich landowning class can become a senator for their city state. Beneath them are the merchants and the common free people. Free citizens are required to serve a period of 10 years in the military, though some soldiers decide to remain after their time in service is over. Beneath them are a massive class of slaves that keep everything running.


The military is composed mostly of free citizens who chose to serve or who are serving their required military service period. They enter the military at the age of 12, though that is the point at which training begins, with a minimum of three years of training before active service. Those in their requirement period serve as cadets, then troops, and finally NCO’s. Those who chose to remain in service are given officer duties and rank.

They have a handful of cruisers, an almost equal number of light carriers, and large numbers of fighters. Choosing to skip Corvettes and Frigates for larger vessels. This makes them one of the handful of small governments with cruisers. They use no resurgent designs.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups


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