Hinev are known as the dark hunters of the forest. They have tough scaly hides which bony ridges exude from covering their lizard like forms. They are easily twice the size of a horse in height and four times as wide. They have jaws full of large fangs, savage taloned claws, and tails which can be used as weapons.

They are highly territorial though they range far and wide within those territories. They are also known to hibernate from long stretches of time which can be more than an entire year. Tales from the Second Age tell that they were designed as a weapon against the Fey. While the Fey have tried for a long time to eliminate them, they have held on and can be found from time to time within forests.


Hinev live in Forests, though somehow a few have adapted to Jungles.


Hinev are solitary hunters and not at all territorial. Most unusual of all is that they seem to only have one gender as all members of their race can lay eggs without even having to find another of their kind. Thankfully they typically only lay eggs every other year on average and no more than one or two young are born from each batch.


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