Prehistory Era

For even the oldest groups in the galaxy a time from 1 million to 100,000 years ago is what is commonly known as ‘prehistory’. This era seems to have had 3 or 4 powers dominating the known galaxy. These cultures were the Ancients, Precursors, Progenitors, and the Darkness.

The Ancients are easily the oldest interstellar race ever known and they had an empire that spanned hundreds of systems. The Precursors and the Progenitors came later and may be one in the same, details are incredibly sparse. They also may have had a direct hand in the spreading of the known races around the galaxy. Both the Ancients and the Precursors/Progenitors seem to have gone to war with the group known as the Darkness during this period. However almost nothing else is known about the Darkness.

Psionic power during this era seems to have been extreme among the four major groups. Many aspects of their technology seemed to rely on psionic manipulation. However little is actually known of how it was all used and the claimed feats are well beyond the scope of most modern psionics.

The only intact place from this era is the system known as Odinstar. With the fall of the League the details of this period have become even more sketchy then they were. However common entertainment likes to embellish and create tales for this period.

Distant History Era

Distant history is a period that begins roughly 100,000 years ago (at the end of the Prehistory Era) and continues to the founding of the League of Systems and the beginning of the next Era. The modern races developed and flourished in their home systems during this era. Some developed psionics naturally among some of their people during this time, though even those that did were much weaker than those form the Prehistory Era.

It was not until near the end of this period that the first races would discover the means to travel FTL and started to explore the stars. Sometime arriving before earlier seed ships could arrive. Xenophobia was very common and primitive cross system wars happened between races. This Era ends with the first peaceful alliance of sentient species in the galaxy joining forces and combining resources.

Early Psionic traditions often sought a balance between use of their powers to aid others and use of their powers to force others into doing their bidding. Some outside psionic threat, that few now remember, would change this ‘balance’ into a duality of ‘good’ & ‘evil’ use. It is understood that this outside threat was inherently ‘evil’ and so most traditions became ‘good’ to compensate. It was also one of the driving forces that would create the Esper Knight order and the League of Systems.

League Era

The formation of the League of Systems marks the beginning of this era. It spread outward from the Capitol in the Fenir system and during this period would expand to take up the known galaxy until the arrival of the Galactic Empire at the start of the Civil War Era. League systems joined together for mutual gain, trade, and exchange of ideas. It spread a concept of cooperation among species that was unheard of before this period. This would last for several millenia and against threats internal and external. However a long period of peace would lead to apathy and

With a combining of many disparate psionic traditions a richer whole was created. Also races which had no natural psionics were able to develop them as research on psionic abilities in a wide range of races began. This lead directly to the foundation of the formal Esper Knight order and their role as guardians to the League.

Civil War Era

In some ways the civil war was sparked by a split between opposing views among the psionics of the galaxy. The Esper Knights acted as the guardians of the League of Systems and were decided ‘good’ in their use of their powers.

In opposition the psionics who believed that might made right created the Galactic Empire on the fringes of the known galaxy. Some groups sought the apparent strength of these individuals and their fledgling Empire and others were simply enslaved.

At first the League was preoccupied and disinclined to help those outside their own borders. This ended when the Empire struck across their border with the League. Soon both sides were fully committed and not to long after both sides were causing chaos and anarchy as they sought only to crush their opposite. However all both sides managed to do was to suicide on each other, crushing most habitable worlds back into primitivism and destroying each others fleets.

Dark Ages/Reconstruction Era

This era is typically called the ‘Dark Ages’ because much of the previous technologies were lost and whole civilizations were left ruined. Sometimes historians refer to the first five hundred years of this period as the ‘Dark Ages’ and the second half as the ‘Reconstruction’. This terminology implies the rediscovery of the older eras technology and the rediscovery of the former worlds of the League.

The later Reconstruction phase is also marked by the rise of five dominant powers which exist into the modern era. Though none of these powers is terribly large during this time and the leave a large section of space unclaimed between themselves.

The Psionics of the galaxy had to rebuild much knowledge that was lost with the fall League & Empire. Many older traditions re-emerged and many new and different traditions diverged from the traditional duality between good & evil. With few remaining traditions believing or agreeing with the former ‘good’ and ‘evil’ beliefs that caused such a cataclysmic conflict in the last era.

Modern Era

The ‘Modern Era’ is history as it is in the making now, with modern historians considering the last couple decades the true beginning of the Era. Lots of possibilities exist for those who can find a place in them. Also the vast Free System Zone between five major powers leaves a chaotic political situation.


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