Hive Territories

Government Information

The Xyvichu are expansionistic by nature and space proves no difference to them. This lead directly to the formation of hives across multiple systems. They make rather bad neighbors due to their needs to expand.


The Hive territories aren’t run by any single power, but are an alliance of hive queens who each run their own hive. Individual hive territories can only reach a certain maximum size before spawning a new queen and creating a new hive. Hive queens have absolute control of their domains. That said each member of the hive is an independent sentient being, though linked into the others through a psionic mindlink. This link does influence the type of development the average Xyvichu will go through, the needs of the hive shaping them so one may develop into what we would call a merchant and another would develop into a warrior.


Each hive has soldiers and it’s own forces which will combine and act in concert under threat. They are unique of the major powers however in forgoing larger ships, instead having thousands of Corvettes and tens of thousands of fighters. These forces can be used to simply swarm over enemy forces in overwhelming numbers. Only recently has this been seen to have changed when a battlegroup was seen made up of heavier ships. They are also unique for having organic ships, the same exact types they used during the League Era.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups

The Xyvichu don’t have anything we would think of as design groups or even shipyards per se.

Hive Territories

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