Hunters Way

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    • Patchwork States
  • Technology Level
    • 10
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The Chamelog are one of the few races from edge of the old League space, but unlike most they were mostly left alone. Some Chamelog exiles and renegades traveled the League before the Civil War, but those on Chamra isolated themselves after the war started. It would be centuries before those who wished to leave Chamra were allowed to do so again.

Hunters Way is the rough translation of the name of the collection of groups that make up the Chamelog refer to themselves collectively by. More than anything else it is the name of their unifying traditions.

Many Chamelog who interact in the broader galaxy become bounty hunters or mercenaries to maintain their traditions. These individuals are not considered part of the Hunter’s Way anymore, but on the upside for other races they also won’t typically be hunting members of other races down in their hunts. Those among the Hunter’s Way may respect other species, but only as prey to be hunted. Luckily the typical Chamelog has no interest in other races unless they enter the Cham system.


Much like our modern world which is a collection of independent, and often conflicted, states; the Hunters Way is much the same. The difference is that each ‘nation’ is a very large clan that holds sway in their own area. These individual clans hold are connected by tradition but not unified in any way.


The entire society of the Chamelog is centered around hunting and the hunt. This includes their military forces which is composed of the collective hunting vessels of all the Chamelog clans. Because of this they lack big ships and rely on fighters, corvettes, and frigates exclusively. They also rarely buy vessels from outside their borders.

Hunters Way

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