Iya Council

Government Information
  • Type
    • Alliance of Feudal Monarchies
  • Technology Level
    • Native 6/Adapted 9
  • Systems
  • Race(s)

A full legion of Nosix troops from Twinsuns System came to the Iya system during the Civil War era and became stranded after an enemy fleet destroyed their ships in orbit. Before this Iya Prime had been a far distant colony world. Iya Prime being the site the Nosix legion had landed and it being habitable they survived and adapted to the world. Eventually they were discovered by a Levia scout ship a generation ago. However before that they had a millenia on the world surviving with limited access to technology and developed their own culture only loosely based on their home culture. Their new culture is devoted to the hunt, and hunting is seen much like a sport with it’s own ‘stars’ and ‘stats’ kept about it. Their entire population is expected to know how to defend themselves.

Some of their Twix kin have come to help their relatives they had thought lost forever during the civil war, but they are typically considered outsiders by the natives.


A council of elders could be considered to ‘run’ society, but the council has little real authority. Instead their decisions tend to effect culture and the current state of ‘law’, by hearing cases put forth to them by the people. Instead most government functions are taken on by local people who prove their ability to organize others.


The Iya Council military is best thought of as a militia or collection of militia’s from various inhabited areas of the planet. They have no ‘home grown’ vessel designs or construction facilities, so all space technology and most ‘modern’ weapons are all imported from outside. Because they have little to offer in trade besides natural resources and ‘entertainment’ for people who visit, their funds are fairly low and they have more fighters then anything else in their ‘defense fleet’ and nearly all of those are privately owned. They also have no official rank structure, making actions very individualized.

Iya Council

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