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The most challenging and demanding of all forms, Juyo required intense focus, a high degree of skill, and mastery of other forms. Intrepid, somewhat direct movements were used in combination with advanced techniques involving psionic-powered jumps and motions. Juyo did not appear as fancy as Ataru, as there were not moves like twirling and flipping, but the technical requirements were much higher. Juyo used seemingly free-wheeling and open movements, but with utter control on the part of the wielder. The end result, if practiced correctly, was a very unpredictable saber style. The staccato swings and flow of the form made it seem as if the attacks were not linked—but in reality, it was merely confusing the opponent.

With that said, Juyo was not just a fighting style. It was a state of mind and a power. The state of mind required that a user of Juyo allow themselves to gather thrill from a battle.

  • Skills: Forcesword
  • Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting
Optional Traits:
  • Disadvantages: Berserk (Battle Rage)
  • Skills: Double-Bladed Forcesword


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