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The system of Mirmidan and in particular the world of Miri went unnoticed during the League Era, being just outside the currently scouted area. This means they were saved the ravages of the Civil War Era. Though they do have stories of ships in the skies during their early scientific age, so someone did discover them but did not make contact.

When the Kift were first encountered they held their entire system firmly in their hands already, but had yet to settle any systems other than their own. On the other hand they had explored several other systems already. First contact proved a boon to them and while they have not moved yet to expand into having colonies they have sent merchants out among the stars to generate trade.


The Kift people in general are scattered among several democratic powers that have joined into a unified federation.


The Kift Unity has not purchased any vehicles from outside sources and so make use of a large range of custom designs in their own system. Kift prefer fighters, corvettes, and Frigates in particular. They have seen cause to create cruisers within recent years.

The Kift maintain three training academies for military personnel. An academy to train fleet officers called the Fleet Officers Academy (FOA), another for specialist training for non-coms called the Specialist Training Center (STC), and the Fleet Command Academy (FCA) which takes the best of the fleet officer academy and trains them in starship command. Graduating from the FOA recruits enter service with the rank of ensign. The top 10 or 20% (depending on year and need) of the FOA are given the option of attending the FCA for another 2 years where they learn tactics, strategy, and starship command skills. FCA graduates graduate with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade or in some rare cases as a full Lieutenant.

Military Forces
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Kift Unity

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