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Yet another former League race the Kinrai were staunch defenders of the League and suffered harshly for it during the civil war. A fierce, but loyal people in nature and they have long been known as warriors. They almost didn’t recover from the civil war, having nearly lost to many people in any single group to have a viable population.

Fortunately a few groups managed to gather on distant Volturnus and form into a single group large enough to maintain a solid population. On Volturnus they settled in the vast forest regions, but even so they lost all their old technology and have had trouble rebuilding their knowledge. Only recently have they been found again and begun to take part in a broader galaxy.


Kinrai are human-like humanoids, withe powerful lithe bodies covered in a layer of patterned fur. They have short clawed hands and feet, above human nightvision, and keen reflexes.

Tech Level
  • Early 6
Homeworld/Current World


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