Kriss Ascendancy

Government Information
  • Type
    • Plutocratic Republic
  • Technology Level
    • 10, biotech 11
  • Systems
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The Kriss Ascendancy is the name of the rigid structured society of the Kriss homeworld. Even at the end of the civil war they kept their society as it was, despite the devastation. Their world had considerable rebuilding to do and their homeworlds natural conditions did not help this process. Despite everything against them they have rebuilt and expanded to once again control their system.

Unfortunately they border Dominion controlled space and have already lost one colony world to the Dominion. They don’t have the military power to oppose the Dominion themselves and so the may soon become a client state unless they find another means of keeping them off their borders. Some wish to expand the Ascendancy in other directions in the hopes of becoming big enough keep themselves safe. Others oppose this view because their colonies would die if the Dominion would choose to act before they are ready.


The Kriss Ascendancy is best described as a plutocratic republic. One must pay for the right to vote and must pay more to be eligible for office. Typically a family will pay the money for some of their number to run for office. Jobs in the various government agencies are handled in the same manner. It is typical for military officers, for instance, to be paid positions within their society. Very little advancement in the ranks comes from actual ability, so a admiral may know little about actual war or combat at all and rely more on his or her crew.


The Kriss Military at it’s upper levels may have issues, but the average Kriss soldier is entirely capable. As their homeworld is icy and low on oxygen they also have great survivalist training in those conditions.

They prefer larger military vessels over smaller ones. In fact before running into the Dominion they only had Frigates and Cruisers. They also used freighters to land combat troops because they didn’t have dropship/shuttle carriers. The Dominion taught them a need for a fighter screen and carriers as their larger combat vessels were swarmed. Early on their response was to build more large ships. One particularly stupid Admiral later and they reinvested in fighters. The Ascendancy Designs bureau quickly built their first fighter design, weaponized their existing shuttle design, and acquired carrier designs to repalce the converted freighters to ferry these new vessels around. Sadly it was to late for their colony.

Military Force
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Kriss Ascendancy

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