Listis are yet another weapon of the Second Age, which are larger than horses, but built something like greyhounds. They have tendrils in place of a mane on the back of their necks and tiny eyes and noses, using a large ridge in place of ears which give them good sense of hearing to find prey they cannot yet see or smell. They can run for what seems to be forever, able to go days flat out at top speeds which would long since have burnt out lesser animals.

During the Second Age they were used to run escaping prisoners to ground, as a first wave in battle before sending in infantry, or to hunt cavalry troops down. They do pose an increased threat to cavalry then most other creatures even in the wild as they are now.


Listis are most often found in Grasslands and rarely found elsewhere.


Listis are scavengers and do very little hunting on their own, preferring to eat carrion or something they can swallow whole. That said they will still use their jagged teeth to attack with and can be deadly opponents.

They live in small family groups from the size of a mated pair to a half dozen in a typical group. Very large groups with as many as a dozen or two have sometimes been found, but these are exceedingly rare.


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