Points: 3

It is described of being very elegant, powerful, and requiring extreme precision, allowing the user to attack and defend with minimal effort, while his opponent tires himself out, often wielding the blade one-handed for greater range of movement and fluidity. The form relied on parries, thrusts, and small, precise cuts, as opposed to the blocking and slashing of the other forms.

Feints would also be commonly used to confuse or set-up their opponents for a trap. Precise footwork and movements were required for maintaining proper distance from the opponent during defense and/or when moving in for an attack. The blade manipulation required for this form was very refined and required intense focus. Timing, accuracy, and skill, rather than strength, were relied on to defeat one’s opponent, and with a skilled practitioner, the results were extremely potent.

The footwork of Makashi practitioners followed a single line, front and back, shifting the feet to keep in perfect balance as the practitioner attacked and retreated. Makashi was a style based on balance, on back-and-forth charges, thrusts, and sudden retreats. Elegance, gallantry, enchantment, finesse, artfulness, and economy were the core of Makashi. Makashi duelists trained themselves to avoid enslavement to form; as such enslavement opened the practitioner to be defeated by predictability and the unforeseen.

  • Skills: Saber or Forcesword; Precognitive Parry
  • Techniques: Counterattack (Saber or Forcesword); Feint (Saber or Forcesword); Retain Weapon (Saber or Forcesword); Targeted Attack (Saber or Forcesword Thrust/Face); Targeted Attack (Saber or Forcesword Thrust/ Neck); Targeted Attack (Saber or Forcesword Thrust/Vitals); Targeted Attack (Saber or Forcesword Swing/ Arm); Targeted Attack (Saber or Forcesword Swing/leg)
  • Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting
Optional Traits:
  • Advantages: Perfect Balance; Combat Precognition
  • Skills: Fencing Forcesword


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