Mind Walkers

The Mind Walkers are a group of psionics who learned how to separate their minds from their bodies. They consist entirely of psionics who have Astral Projection and Telepathy.


The Mind Walkers seem to be fairly ancient with rumors they have existed since the Distant History Era and initiates often initially trained in the beginning of other traditions before happening upon a current mind walker. There has been little change over the centuries and most remain drastically unconcerned for physical pursuits.

Their order has never quite gone away even during the Civil War Era and it’s aftermath. So regardless of how rare it has become one can always find a mind walker if one looks hard enough. Few welcome them, so they have always remained somewhat hidden.


The Mind Walkers did not originate from a single psionic tradition, but from many various traditions. Each tradition brought understanding; however they all felt that their former sects did not understand the truth. They came to believe that everything except pure thought or intellect was an illusion. Instead they focus on their mental powers and dissociate from the physical world as much as possible.

In their ‘pure mental state’ they skim through peoples minds and dreams at times mentally roaming through entire world populations. This makes them less than popular with anyone who wishes mental privacy and cannot keep them out. In the long run the Mind Walkers wish to abandon the ‘illusion of the body’ and become beings of pure intellect.

Common Traits

The mind walkers care little for any psionic powers outside of astral projection and telepathy. There dislike of the physical world extends to physical skills such as combat skills or piloting. Some do enjoy skills like mathematics or Hyperspace Navigation for their intellectual challenge.

Mind Walkers

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