Minotaur by js marantz


Minos have a rough history, they were League members at one point and one of the first races to break away from them. They acted as warleaders for the empire until some read the writing on the wall and hide a group of their people away.

However the world they ended up on, Volturnus, proved less than pleasant to rebuild on and they developed a rough tribal culture that has lasted until recently. Their lands ahd included deserts and plains giving them limited resources to build on. With the coming of outsiders some have chosen to leave Volturnus and return to the stars.


Minos are large compared to humans averaging nearly 3 meters in height and are stronger and more durable than humans. They also have cloven hooves instead of feet and large massive horns on their heads. They often have a thin coating of mangy fur, though the amount of fur varies from one Minos to another.

Tech Level
  • Native 5/Adapted 6
Homeworld/Current World


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