Mirian Conclave

Government Information
  • Type
    • Representative Family Democracy
  • Technology Level
    • 10
  • Systems
  • Race(s)

The Mirian Conclave does not like to talk about the Civil War Era and it is assumed more then known that they suffered gravely as most worlds during that period. Whiel they are centered on Miria, no one is even sure that is their homeworld or if it was a colony during the League Era.


The Miria have a fairly unique method of representative democracy. While functionally working as most other such democracies do, the Miria have strong family ties that tie into how the vote on their representatives. Families form voting blocks from which a single set of votes comes to elect officials. These officials are also handled somewhat differently as if a official should die his family puts forth his replacement from their ranks.


The Mirian Conclave has a formal military and police force in one. It goes by the moniker MCS (Mirian Conclave Security) and though they don’t use any large ships they have several unique smaller designs that they use including fighters, patrol ships, gunships, and even shuttles. They are trained in swarm tactics to take on large targets such as freighters which may be causing issues. A standard space patrol would be a pair of patrol ships backed up by a gunship, a customs patrol will have 4 patrol ships and a shuttle, and a orbital patrol will have 4 fighters and a patrol ship.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups

Mirian Conclave

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