Planets (& other astronimcal artifacts) within the System

  • Gini, Volcanic
  • Inner Asteroid Belt
  • Sori, Rocky
  • Miri, jungle
    • Kin
    • Shiro
    • Kuro
  • Rodi, Gas Giant
  • Outer Asteroid Belt
  • Novi, Rocky
  • Juni, Gas Giant
  • Zevi, Ice
  • Aomi, Ice

Government(s) within the System

Race(s) within the System

Miri is the primary world of the Mirmidan system and the homeworld of the Kift. The Kift have a presence of some sort on each world in their system, but their only colonies are on Sori and Novi. Elsewhere they make use of space stations and each world or it’s moons has at least one.

The system had been outside the League territory before the Civil War Era and the Kift of the time had been fairly primitive at the time, but now they are the equal to many others. It was plagued during the League Era by pirates which is why a Kift population exists in the Azarian Realm.


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