Nagia Isolation

Government Information
  • Type
    • Unknown (Theocracy?)
  • Technology Level
    • 10
  • System(s)
  • Race(s)

Having been on the edge of known space and mostly unknown the Nagia had an advantage during the Civil War Era: The could cut themselves off from the outside. The set up a array of ships and any scout ships that found their home were destroyed before being able to report their findings. They were forgotten until a exploration scout survey ship stumbled upon them some 4 decades ago. Some smooth talking on their part is the only reason they didn’t join the fate of those who had come before.


No one from the Nagia Isolation has deemed it important to describe their government to outsiders. Though a few outsiders do seem to be allowed to trade with them and rumors of sightings of a ‘priestly class’ among them exist. It may be that they are a theocracy, but no one knows for sure.


The Nagia do have a military and it seems to be composed of Corvettes and Frigates. Conspicuous in their absence however are fighters, nothing smaller than a Corvette has ever been seen. Also since they are an isolationist society no one knows how they were organized. It has been noted however that their technology seems to have been stagnant since the Civil War Era, no one is quite sure why.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups

Nagia Isolation

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