Naz Hegemony

Government Information
  • Type
    • Imperial Militarism
  • Technology Level
    • 10
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When they were discovered during the civil war the Naz were fairly primitive and some unscrupulous people chose to try to take advantage of them. This dramatically changed their culture. Their hunting culture became a warrior culture as they tried to rid themselves of their invaders. This tradition continued long after the invaders had left their world.

Ever since the warrior culture has dominated Naz life and in those years since then the Naz have expanded to encompass the entire system. They even created a colony in another system, creating their first steps outside their system. Unfortunately for them they are on the border of Dominion space and they reacted violently when encountering their first Dominion ship. This started a border war and after claiming the Naz colony the Naz were offered a peace treaty by the Dominion which included a political marriage, a concept unknown to the Naz. The current grand admiral offered one of his daughters, a well respected battlemaiden, in this exchange. She has not proven the most willing, but did obey orders and go through with it. The Naz however refuse to give up the idea of overcoming their neighbors and are currently searching for means to do so.


Their is no civilian organization within the Naz Hegemony, instead the military controls all aspects of life. From birth they are raised by the military and trained into warriors, after serving a minimum term in the military some may become workers instead if they don’t show sufficient aptitude. Aptitude and ability are the most important things in gaining promotion. Their grand admiral is the highest authority and from them are a number of admirals and generals.


Despite the fairly recent clash between the Hegemony and the Dominion the Hegemony has an impressive military industrial complex that has rebuilt their damaged fleets enough that the Dominion has not yet been willing to press in on them again. However most of their new fleet are faster to build Frigates, rather than larger more powerful vessels or smaller fighters that they would have difficulty moving around. They have also doubled their orbital defenses, should the Dominion decide to attack their homeworld they will now have a much harder time of it.

They maintain a host of custom vehicles and only use more common designs bought from outside their borders to fill gaps. The biggest gap they had during the war was carriers, the idea of screening capitol ships with small craft was not a tactic they used. They had used fighters, but usually only to defend stationary bases without having to station a larger vessel. In the years since the conflict they have developed a new carrier design to fill this lack, using insights from external sources.

Military Forces
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Naz Hegemony

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