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The Newt have a long history, though conditions on their world are prohibitive to most spacefaring people from landing there, being much to hot for most to be comfortable. It has also spurred their industrial and materials development. They found work during the League Era in all sorts of industrial areas and suffered much the same fate as others during the civil war period when they were invaded by the Empire. They lost some technology during the intervening years, but their industrial technologies are still strong. They have little desire to expand as of yet, though some Newt take their experience into the broader galaxy.


The Newts were once considered a human-like race, but it has since been confirmed they are in fact humanoid. Outwardly they are much like humans, but have tails and horns as well as a range of skin coloring. Internally they are considerably tolerant to high temperatures and in fact less tolerant of cold. They also have a high endurance to direct exposure to sources of heat (such as lava and fire).

Tech Level
  • 10 with 11 for industrial and materials technologies


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