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Niman attempted to balance all elements of saber combat, combining the techniques from other forms that came before into a less intensely demanding combat style. In practice, Niman was a combination of younger forms and all of them in moderation. In the blending, much of the individuality was lost, but the strengths were spread evenly, and there was little weakness in it. Due to its “jack-of-all-trades” nature, the success of this form was largely dependent on the practitioner’s intuition, improvisation, and creativity in combat rather than the rote responses derived from other forms. This broad generalization made Niman well suited for diplomats, as they could spend their time training in the areas of politics and negotiation instead of combat training.

Niman was not a weak form. While many other saber forms bolstered its wielder’s abilities in one area, while leaving him vulnerable in others, Niman was strong in all situations but had no dramatic strengths. It provided no edge in battle, but achieved its worth in not leaving its wielder as exposed as some of the more aggressive forms. Its strength was its balance. It also provided a decent defense versus enemy Force powers and blaster fire.

The philosophy of Niman was “the leaf swept in the winds.” Users of this saber form achieved a mindset of one who was not troubled by their surroundings, but simply rode the current of the surrounding turmoil, being well-balanced within.

  • Skills: Forcesword; Precognitive Parry
  • Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting


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