Ogren were enslaved by the Empire during the Civil War Era as shock troops. Those few to escape enslavement from their homeworld joined the League in an attemtp to free their people. Unfortunately for them the wars nearly destroyed them. The one group of their people managed to survive inside a Empire outpost on Volturnus, using the existing technology available to them to continue living on a world with an atmosphere they cannot breathe. However they have not expanded as they have had no means to do so. The surviving Ogren cannot even return home as they have not a clue where exactly their homeworld is.


Ogren cannot breathe a ‘common’ nitrogen/oxygen mix and so must wear re-breathing systems. Most wear custom ‘armor’ covering their joints and providing the re-breathing system, however they rarely need to armor themselves as their skin is incredibly durable (have good natural DR). They are also stronger than humans and slightly taller by about a foot on average, this is likely a result of their devlopment on a high gravity world.

Tech Level
  • Native 9/Adapted 11
Homeworld/Current World


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