Planets (& other astronimcal artifacts) within the System

  • Pale Prime, Rocky Industrial
  • New Pale, Temperate

Government(s) within the System

  • Pale Prime Government
  • New Pale Government

Race(s) within the System

Pale is only really known for it’s path through a local nebula and has little to offer the rest of the galaxy. Pale Prime was once believed to be a temperate world which has had a climate crisis due to the heavy industrialization. While still maintaining a habitable atmosphere it is not suitable for growing much of anything a humanoid would want to or could eat.

New Pale on the other hand was a colony world settled by the people of Pale Prime and exclusively a agricultural world to supply Pale Prime. However a century ago New Pale broke off from the government of Pale Prime. Even so neither can do without each other and they realized this, so they have a long standing agreement to supply each other: food from New Pale & equipment from Pale Prime.


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