Esper Knights History

Psionics have been around for over 100,000 years in one form or another. They have been defenders, protectors, warriors, war leaders, diplomats, sages, sentinels, Tyrants, Despots, Marauders, Sorcerers, and more. Before most races even managed to reach the skies they had examples of good and bad psionics.

During the formation of the League one group became known as the defenders and protectors of the League: The Esper Knights. The name derives from ESPer, ie someone who has ESP, though no one recalls why they are called that now. Even more as the guardians of order for so long they are now synonymous with all psionic traditions.

Their reputation isn’t what it once was however as the ‘darksiders’ (those who chose to use their powers for personal gain) were the cause of the devastating civil war. Few remember the ‘darksiders’ at all, just what seemed like an endless war. With the League eventually even performing acts of evil both sides would become reviled for some time.

Now dozens of traditions have spread across the galaxy to fill the gap.

Esper Knight Traditions
Psionic Packages
Powers of the Esper


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