Thalaasa  ocean queen by steve argyle


The Quari had an important place in the League of Systems, even though their people must wear special suits to travel on most normal humanoid worlds outside of the water. All their space and land assets were destroyed during the civil war, but their people underwater were mostly unharmed. They took a very long time to rebuild their planetary and space based assets, but had rebuilt a sizable fleet by the time others encountered them again.


Once thought to possibly be a near-human race, they are an extremely human-like aquatic race. They have medium length pointed ears, smooth textured patterned skin, gills, and membranes that run along their bodies between their webbed fingers and their ankles. These membranes may appear as fin-like protrusions on their arms and legs, or long thin sheets along their bodies. A god example is the Triton (GURPS Biotech, page 72) template for the abilities of the Quari.

Tech Level
  • 10


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