Killian ranger

The Rangers are a group of psionic Adepts from the Rellian Alliance on the planet Rella in the Rellis system. They are descendants of colonists who had settled on Rella during the League Era.


Once upon a time the ancestors of the Rangers were just colonists on the planet Rella like many others. Like everyone on Rella they suffered during the Civil War Era and the Dark Ages began. At some point some people recognized their psionic potential and eventually a formal system of training and service was established.

Even now that Rella has joined the grater galactic community after being rediscovered Rangers seldom leave their duties and explore elsewhere. However some nobles use their rangers for a wide range of missions that may take them away from Rella.


The Rangers were integrated into the aristocratic hierarchy of Rella as servants of the local nobles, though they also swear to protect the common people. When they become aware of psionic children, they would apprentice them as Squires around puberty. Squires served Rangers as apprentices and servants. The most powerful Rangers, equivalent to Esper Knight Masters, were called Lords though they didn’t get the social rank that implies on Rella.

Common Traits

Rangers used ancient technology from the League Era that they called Shield Gauntlets and Blast Lances as part of their symbolism and training. The Shield Gauntlet was a small personal shield worn on the off-hand which could be used to absorb and even deflect energy weapons and shots, though its range was no more than a few feet. The Blast Lance was a weapon built from an ancient sporting blaster, fitted with a bayonet. Rangers often imbued their Lances with psionic power.


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