Planets (& other astronimcal artifacts) within the System

  • Shell, Volcanic
  • Magus, Volcanic
  • Circe, Temperate
    • Pell
    • Kard
    • Etric
    • Tolk
  • Ringar, Rocky
  • Inner Asteroid Belt
  • Cebullan, Gas Giant
  • Kesserus, Gas Giant
  • Offeris, Ice Giant
  • Outer Asteroid Belt
  • Newton, ice
  • Sunic, ice

Government(s) within the System

Race(s) within the System

Reach has been home to the enigmatic Newt people for ages, however only recently has it been rediscovered by outsiders and colonized, not by any established governments, but instead by two Hypercorps who have claimed the only traditionally habitable worlds in the system.

Magus is a volcanic world, With an average temperature of 70C and nearly constant volcanic activity. It does however have an habitable atmosphere. Most of the water on the world exists in the atmosphere, though some lakes exist among the lava flows. This is actually the second phase of life for this planet, it once was a arid, but habitable planet full of plant and animal life. It entered into a new volcanic phase some 20-30 million years ago that destoryed most of the old life.

Ringar is rocky and has a very thin atmosphere that is just barely habitable. Ares Arms laid claim to the entire planet and uses it as a weapons test facility and demonstration area for their equipment.

Circe was settled by another Hypercorp, SynthCorp, who use it as a research center. Many have wondered why a company that designs cybernetics, robotics, and AI’s needs a whole world. SynthCorp says they just wanted to have ‘sufficient’ resources available.


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