Rellian Alliance

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Very little of the infrastructure of Rellis survived the end of civil war due to heavy bombardment. However the people by and large did survive and the planet continued to be habitable, though technology was set back several eras. In this vacuum warlords formed, hording territories and their associated resources and perpetuating monarchies as lines managed to hold sway over generations. Today they have returned to a considerable level of technology, though their government has stayed feudal. The most unique thing about them is how not just one race survived, but instead several different human-like races all survived here. Also unlike most worlds they don’t tend to think of themselves by race first, instead looking first to their liege or ‘nation’ and then to race. This means that within one monarchy among the alliance you may see all five races of the world. However some nations have only a single race or even only a couple of the races depending on who was where and who survived after the civil war, as well as where different races migrated to over the years.


The Rellian Alliance is an alliance of monarchies which have agreed to abide by a set of common ground rules to facilitate interaction with the broader galaxy. A complex set of codes and rituals and a strong concept of personal and national honor more or less keeps the monarchies and their nobles in check. Though duels of various lethal and non-lethal sorts are common. Lethal weapons are restricted to nobles and visitors from off-world (who in turn have to report said weapons when they arrive), the common people are limited to purely non-lethal weapons.


Each nation among the Rellian Alliance has it’s own military, this goes so far as to include space going vessels. The various nations use a vast array of hardware including a few unique designs. However the lack of resources keeps the nations from fielding anything larger than a frigate.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups

Rellian Alliance

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