Ajax sculpt by junoluver


Highly misunderstood as a Race, the Rijex mostly keep to themselves though they did have a presence within the League of Systems. The civil war involved them as well and many times others tried to subjugate the Rijex which left their homeworld in ruins. They have recently re-emerged as a galactic race and can be seen from time to time in other systems.


An unusual race that is hard to define with some insectoid traits and some reptilian traits. They are quadrupeds that have thick leathery skin covering most of their body, except for a series of harder bony plates running along their spine. At the end of their agile tail is a piercing barbed stinger (striker). Their forelimbs end in pincer like claws, that are not particularly agile. Their mouth is designed as agile mandibles and their heads are adorned with long backward curved horns that are actually sensing organs (rather than strikers).

Tech Level
  • Early 10


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