Rijex Combine

Government Information

The empire decided to try to use the Rijex as living weapons during the Civil War Era, even though they had been a member nation of the League. They were attacked and some of their number were enslaved and forced to act in the way the Empire wanted. The others did not take kindly to this and killed their enslaved brethren and then retaliated on the Empire. In return the Empire bombed the Rijex home world for several days. Eventually satisfied the Empire left Tribriss… but the Rijex are survivors.

The Rijex Combine formed long after the fall of the League due to the Rijex salvaging the drive cores of relic starships in their system to get them an early jump into star travel. Most such trips where one way, but it was enough for them to form a collection of four controlled systems (their home system and three colonies). Today they are much more capable with good technology and a fleet of vessels to patrol their space.


Rijex hierarchy is hard to explain to anyone not Rijex and they know how it works without asking questions. They are not a hive mind as we understand the concept and do use individualized vocal emissions to communicate with each other as well as a scent system. They do form hierarchies and somehow each Rijex is a possible leader in any situation. This freeform style of leadership is the core to Rijex society.


The distinctive appearance of their space craft sets them apart from the more commonly used vessels. As befits a race that covers multiple systems they have a wide selection of vehicles they make use of, including both unique designs and salvaged League Era vessels. While it may not be as impressive as some other major powers, it is sure to dissuade their closest neighbors that they don’t want to tangle with them… yet.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups

Rijex Combine

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