Drop Ships

Armored pods or shuttlecraft intended to transport troops, military vehicles, and supplies between orbit and the surface.

Boarding Ships

These specialized shuttles are designed to get troops from ship to ship, often just after or even during combat. Pirates and privateers use these as much as the military, if not more.

Heavy-Lift Boosters

These are the way to get things into orbit ‘for cheap’, especially for primitive groups.

General Use Shuttles

Shuttles ‘interface’ between the surface and planets ferrying cargo and personnel. Primitive designs use heavy lift style boosters to reach orbit, while more advanced designs are single stage.


These are small craft that carry light loads between craft over short distances and may otherwise act as a ships lifeboat.


These craft lack drive systems, but are otherwise self-contained. They are commonly allowed to drift into the correct orbit after be propelled in the correct direction, however they may also be towed to a desired location.

Work Pods and Salvage Craft

Orbital space around high-tech worlds are often crowded with various types of orbital objects and traffic. Specialty craft are designed to deal with these objects when they stop working and are variously called work pods or salvage craft.

Space Tugs

Rugged hard-working craft like these provide the backbone of the civilized worlds. They move objects that don’t have space drives or whose drives are considered to dangerous around habitable worlds.

Exploration Landers

Since many exploration craft are incapable of surface landings, these landers are carried by the larger ships and go down to the surface instead. The pack a selection of scientific and survey equipment to help in exploring new worlds.


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