Planets (& other astronimcal artifacts) within the System

  • Gaia

Government(s) within the System

  • None

Race(s) within the System

  • None currently

Singer is a system with one of the most unique things ever found in the Galaxy: Gaia the living planet. All life (planet and animal) on the planet is linked and the world has a type of consciousness. It is rumored even the ground and air of the world is part of this entity. It has also shown signs of having psionic powers, though it does not seem truly sentient in the way most races are. Psionics called Tayi Mystics used to live here in harmony with the planet, but sadly the Galactic Empire decided to savage the surface of the planet out of fear of the potential for a world capable of psionics. However the world did not die and if the anyone knew where this system was people would most likely live here again.


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