Points: 2

Originally Soresu was developed as a counter to weapons used by multiple opponents. Previous styles had allowed wide, sweeping strokes which left the Mentalist open to fire. Soresu, however, required maintaining a constant shield of deflectionary strokes by making short, quick sweeps, close to the body, leaving the Mentalist less exposed to ranged fire.

The philosophy of Soresu is described as “being within the eye of the storm.” The practitioner maintained a centered frame of concentration, undisrupted by the conflict around them. They did this to maintain the calm center where the outer storm of combat could not harm them. Thus, Soresu commanded powerful defensive techniques that seemed to adapt to almost any circumstance, at the cost of never reaching past the figurative eye of the storm. The Soresu technique used little to none of the attack power needed by those who concentrate on the storm itself. Those who studied this style used the primarily defensive technique to wear down aggressive opponents by defending long onslaughts with minimal counter-attacking. They waited until their adversary spent most of their energy, and then employed an alternate, more aggressive attack. They waited for eventual lapses in their opponent’s own defense.

The third form of Forcesword combat utilized motions that occurred very close to the body, in an attempt to achieve near-total protection and expend as little energy as possible while executing moves. Soresu stressed quick reflexes and fast positional transition, in order to overcome the rapidity with which a blaster could be fired. This technique minimized the body’s exposure, making a well-trained practitioner nearly invincible. Followers of Soresu preferred to remain on the defensive until their opponent left an opening that a Soresu practitioner could exploit. Observers generally described Soresu as a passive form of combat.

Soresu involved preparation for prolonged battles where the user observed and learned as much as possible about their opponent’s or opponents’ technique while engaged in combat. Also, by being more capable in lengthy battles, a Soresu user had the ability to gain control of a combat situation. A Soresu user could choose to kill, disarm, or even reason with their opponent.

Truly focused masters of Soresu were very formidable due to their strong defense technique. Soresu, however, facilitated survival more than victory. Soresu initiates were more than capable of defending themselves from attack, but they needed a large amount of experience to learn how to trap an opponent in their own offense. Masters had to maintain an incredibly strong focus on the center of the combat circle, since the defensive tactics of the form included guards and parries engaged very close to the body.

  • Skills: Forcesword
  • Techniques: Evade (Acrobatics); Close Combat
  • Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting
  • Cinematic Techniques: Timed Defense
Optional Traits:
  • Advantages: Combat Precognition
  • Skills: Double-Bladed Forcesword; Short-Bladed Forcesword


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