Tayi Mystics

The Tayi was a faith, a philosophy, and a way of living. The original Tayi were native to the world Gaia, in the Singer system. They were talented healers and seers able to converse with their living world and were sometimes called ‘worldsingers’ because of this ability. However, they possessed no formal knowledge of psionics and were uninterested in outsiders’ opinions on the subject.


No one is sure how old the Tayi tradition is, but it is easy enough to say that the native race of the world Gaia all had a certain psionic aptitude and it likely dates back at least to the Distant History Era. The natives of Gaia had no desire to leave their world and so lived contented peaceful lives until a scout ship came upon their world during the League Era.

Originally when Gaia was discovered during the League Era, the Esper Knights arrogantly decided to ‘enlighten’ the native mystics and were rebuffed. However for millenia afterward those who came honestly to learn of their ways were allowed to do so. At least two well known Esper Knights during the League Era had spent time learning among the Tayi.

During the Civil War Era, the mystics were highly disturbed by the deaths of so many Esper Knights, which they could sense through their powers. The escalation of the war prompted them to call a meeting within their temple at the heart of the world. They collectively decided to send out their most capable mystics to seek out any surviving knights and help them to escape from the war.

However in the end the Tayi should probably have been more worried about themselves. The Galactic Empire forces were worried both about the psionically capable planet Gaia and the mystics power of prophecy and decided to bombard the planet. While the mystics saw it coming they refused to leave their world and they died, though Gaia itself lived and still mourns for it’s lost companions. Even so some who knew the tradition did survive into the Modern Era on other worlds.


Tayi philosophy taught a high regard for peace and the sanctity of all forms of life. Its followers were expected to think and act honorably. It’s two primary tenants were that all actions have consequences both good and bad, and that nothing in life comes without a price to be paid.

The first tenant was often considered a warning to seers who may see a future, but altering it could come with consequences they cannot foresee. The second tenant is often seen as a warning to healers, warning that to heal others requires a sacrifice from oneself.

Common Traits

Mystics were taught to control their personal powers through ceremony, ritual, and meditation. They focused on Inner power and were known for the ESP and psychic healing abilities over all others. Most mystics would refuse to train in combat skills or use psionic powers of an offensive nature even if they possessed them. Often in situations were outsiders would force them to chose their death or the need to take a life of another, they would chose to die.

Tayi Mystics

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