The Chains

  • Type
    • Patchwork Psiocracy
  • Technology level
    • Varies from Early 9 to 10
  • Systems
    • None, based in Unknown Territory
  • Race(s)
    • N/A

The Chains are a group of nomadic raiders based in the Unknown Territories always in search of new settlements to plunder. They were first established during the League Era as a group of pirates and raiders bolstered by rudimentary psionic users. Eventually however the psionic powers of certain individuals allowed them to take control. In succeeding generations the number of psionics in the group subsequently rose dramatically among their ranks, as the higher your rank the more offspring you tended to have. At one point they had not one, but a dozen fleets raiding and terrorizing worlds beyond known space. Each of these fleets was lead by a person with the rank of ‘Adacap’.

They were first active in known space during the League Era, having stumbled into known space by chance, and were dismissed as a ‘small’ pirate band. However by this point nearly half their number had psionic powers of some sort. The Esper Knights didn’t initially consider them a threat and normal anti-pirate forces were sent to handle them. Conventional troops proved incapable of dealing with them.

In the end an internal conflict lead by Adacap Zono and his Chained Shackle Fleet, near the beginning of the Civil War Era, would cause them to leave known space. Zono became a conqueror in the outer rim after defeating the Chains Arcblade Fleet and launched a civil war within the group that lasted close to five years. The Shackle fleet was eventually defeated, although the Chains fleets were significantly weakened. Luckily they have not yet been seen again in known space.


The Chains have a loosely-formed, matrix structure, with no centralized hierarchy beyond individual ships. Ship captains are nearly always people with psionic powers using their powers to work their way up the ranks quicker than those without.

They use alot of slave labor to run their ships and supply their fleets. Slaves with skills are allowed to join the Chains after a period of time. A few ship captains and even at least one Adacap in the past have been former slaves.

Combat Forces

When they were last seen in known space they had lost three of their fleets to their civil war, but as rumor claimed them to have a dozen fleets this still left 9 more to worry about. Most of their ships are frigates, including some frigate carrier designs. They also make a large use of fighters.

Combat Designs

The Chains

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