The Dynasty

New gods

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    • Theocratic Imperium
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    • Type II
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The habitation of the Dynasty system is very old, however the civil war marked a massive change for them. The old traditions came to the fore and superseded the more general concepts they had lived and practiced under as part of the League. This caused the society to change radically from what they had been before.

Legend says that during the last days of the civil war their gods themselves descended to protect the people. The legends continue with a period of several centuries where the gods walked the land, before finally returning the leadership of the government to their human spawned children and appointing the first pharaoh.

This system has gone unopposed from external threats, but internally it has had some issues within the pharaohs family causing various attempts at overthrowing the rule of particular pharaohs. Some have succeeded, others have failed. These bits of infighting have shifted which part of the pharaoh’s lineage is in control.


The Dynasty is run at the top by the Pharaoh a ‘god made flesh’ to his (or her) people. The pharaoh is chosen from a royal lineage of pharaohs said to have descended from gods. Beneath the pharaoh is a group of high priests who run the individual provinces. Typically each province is ruled by a different god or goddesses priests. The different priesthoods control their own areas completely, with only the Pharaoh capable of overruling them. Much prestige comes from belonging to the priesthood or having someone in your family who serves.

The common person is simply a laborer who typically works for the priesthoods in some way providing goods or services to others. The exception to this are the merchants, a class unto themselves the merchants keep society working by moving excess goods from the priesthood to the people. In modern times they also roam the stars spreading the glory of the Dynasty and trading a variety of goods.

The Dynasty also believes it has a right to treat outsiders as slaves, though their is a ritual of combat to claim someone as a slave who is an outsider (you get to defend yourself if attacked). It is far more common to find the military raiding ships for slaves rather then taking them on the surface of the Dynasty’s worlds however.


The Dynasty is a polytheistic religion with a host of deities they worship. For those in the Dynasty all the deities are to be respected and honored, but usually a person will have one specific ‘patron deity’ that they actually worship. Some deities are considered male, some female, and some… are other. Their are a wide range of ideas and concepts which the gods represent: from good to evil, from conservative to progressive, and everything else.


Their exists an entire military caste of sorts within the dynasty ‘holy soldiers’ who do the bidding of the Pharaohs. Most of their designs are unique and they are one of the only smaller powers that has a handful of cruisers, however their mainstay is a heavy frigate design called the Headhunter Warship. It is one of the only known vessels to make use of a cloaking system and is seen fairly often raiding in areas controlled by others. Ships the Headhunters capture become part of the Dynasty fleet, though keeping them in service can be difficult.

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The Dynasty

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